Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I feel bored somehow and have nothing to do.
It's raining outside and I'm just here, sitting in my room and staring at my macbook.

I'm not good to write some good words as an intro.

So can we skip the intro part? :p

Few days ago, Jakarta got flood everywhere (but my house was still dry). Wet everywhere and trashes anywhere! It was chaos.

As you can see, it's Bundaran HI was flooded and the traffic stuck. Cars, busses, trucks, or any others vehicles can't moved, the traffic stuck.

TV news always talked about flood, rescue progress and also about evacuation. And some badass people spread rumours via blackberry broadcast. Provoked a demonstration or spread about a rumour that pet shops in PV (Pluit Village) didn't rescue their animals so all their animals died. In fact, all hamsters died but the other safe. They've been evacuated so they still alive!

Note for you, badass :

Please stop spread stupid broadcast messages via bbm. You even haven't seen the scene yet!

The worst case was about flood in basement of UOB Plaza. Many cars and people trapped in the basement. The SAR Team found 2 men alive after few days trapped in the flooded basement! You should read the news here :

But the past part above all was about my home. In 2007, my home got flooded too. In 2013, my home was still dry tho everywhere got flooded. I thank God for his miracle :)

Nowadays, floods recede. Hope all things could be back to normal as soon as possible.

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