Saturday, February 23, 2013

Masami Shouko Black Diamond Series

Today I went to Mall Kelapa Gading with my bf. I really want to buy a Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in black. I've read so many reviews about this eyeliner and I feel curious to try it. Haha. Yeah, beauty bloggers who review this item, you've succeed seduce me to buy #LOL.

I went to SOGO which sell any Dolly Wink's items. I grabbed a Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in black (review it later) and suddenly my eyes saw a row of make up cases by Masami Shouko. The first one which catch my eyes is the black diamond series size M. The SPG kindly open it for me and let me see the inside. And I felt like "wow, I should have this one!" She said it's on promo, 50% off for purchasing this item! WOW!She also said the promo will end in 28th Feb.

Seriously, that time I didn't bring enough money to buy it :( I said to my bf that I really want it so much. Haha. Then I call my mom, asked whether I can buy it or not, I also said it's on promo 50% off :p My mum said ok and the only problem was I still don't have enough money. It almost end of month, and yea I've spent my money for many things (including buying 2 urology books, 1 pelvis anatomy book).

Suddenly my bf said he can bought it for me and I can pay back to him in the next month, after I get my monthly pocket money #LOL. So, I bought this Masami Shouko make up case in Black Diamond Series (size M). Superb thanks to my bf ♥

It really looks superb adorable! Like it, love it, fall in love with it ♥ Haha. Since this one is my first make up case ; my own :p I used to store my beauty things in my mom's make up case.

This is how it looks when you open the case. The top and bottom part is its cover and the two box in the middle is its compartments. Only 2? Nah, you can see the other compartments will pop out after you slide it.

Tadaaaa...!! Now you have 5 compartments to store your beauty things inside :D

Yes, it also come with keys. You can lock out this case in the name of security when you bring it for traveling. 

If you want to buy this make up case, you can visit Masami Shouko or open their facebook Masami Shouko's facebook. They also available at counter Kay Collection at Pacific Place,Gandaria City and Kuningan City, SOGO, Debenhams, SEIBU, Metro, Matahari, STAR, Guardian.

Ultima II 2-way Whitening Foundation

This is my very first make up item! My mom gave it to me since I told her that I wanna try to make over my self :p I like this one, it can be either foundation or pressed powder. Two function in a small package, I think it's good and kinda simple.

It comes in a good package with ULTIMA II printed on it . As you can see, the color of its package is white and look shiny under the light (which is good looking).  It is not heavy and comes in quite small size, fit into your travel pouch or mini bag.

It comes with sponge and also mirror. Make you easier to apply or touch up your make up. The sponge is good quality. By the way, don't mind with the dump sponge, I've been using this one since 2 years ago. Haha. And yes, I still use the default sponge which came in the package until now. It still in a good condition after abusing so many times #LOL. If you noticed the blur reflection on the mirror, it not because the mirror isn't good enough to reflect your beauty face, but it because I edited it #MUAHAHA. It reflecting my room corner, FYI :p

For the shade, I got Honey Beige 02 which is ok with my skin tone, tho I didn't choose it by my self. Yay! My mum gave this when I still didn't know anything about beauty things and yea, I just accept what she bought for me.

You can use  Ultima II 2-way Whitening Foundation as a foundation with wet sponge or you can use as pressed powder with dry sponge. It's easy, right? FYI, I always use with dry sponge haha.

Curious about the shade on my skin? Hehe. Now, take a look the pic above (ps : please pretending not see a scar on my hand :p)

To be honest, I really like this item and been using it for years (not daily). It simple and have 2-way usage :p
It still there, on my face, even I sweat or doing much activities and do not make my face cakey.
Well, thanks mom for bought me this one :)

Medicine Major is Rock

Damn! I've been busy since 11st Feb and have no time to write any post :(
 I need to focus with my uni's life. Yeah, study hard! Rockin study! Been reading 2 urology books (since I'm in urology class now) and have read some handouts. Those make me sick. I drink coffee almost everyday to make me awake until late night - studying! Hell yeah! Rockin study!

And I want to tell you guys, that from today I'll write some reviews about beauty products that I've been using until this day. Haha. Don't expect too much since I'm just a "beauty rookie". I can't write like a pro reviewer tho I will try :p This idea suddenly pop in my mind cause nowadays I really excited about make up or anything related with it (tho I'm still a rookie).

 Been trying using make up (eyeshadow, black eyeliner, foundation, powder, and blush) and just made natural look to go to uni. Seriously, natural look! (I'm gonna show you what I mean with natural look #pinkypromise) And suddenly almost whole class noticed and gave random compliments. Haha. It was funny to see their expression :p But to be honest, somehow they make me diffident to wearing make up again. Poor me lha.

But yea, I will try! Seriously I will! And you guys, kindly give me supporting critics if I'm wrong :)