Saturday, February 23, 2013

Medicine Major is Rock

Damn! I've been busy since 11st Feb and have no time to write any post :(
 I need to focus with my uni's life. Yeah, study hard! Rockin study! Been reading 2 urology books (since I'm in urology class now) and have read some handouts. Those make me sick. I drink coffee almost everyday to make me awake until late night - studying! Hell yeah! Rockin study!

And I want to tell you guys, that from today I'll write some reviews about beauty products that I've been using until this day. Haha. Don't expect too much since I'm just a "beauty rookie". I can't write like a pro reviewer tho I will try :p This idea suddenly pop in my mind cause nowadays I really excited about make up or anything related with it (tho I'm still a rookie).

 Been trying using make up (eyeshadow, black eyeliner, foundation, powder, and blush) and just made natural look to go to uni. Seriously, natural look! (I'm gonna show you what I mean with natural look #pinkypromise) And suddenly almost whole class noticed and gave random compliments. Haha. It was funny to see their expression :p But to be honest, somehow they make me diffident to wearing make up again. Poor me lha.

But yea, I will try! Seriously I will! And you guys, kindly give me supporting critics if I'm wrong :)

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