Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ultima II 2-way Whitening Foundation

This is my very first make up item! My mom gave it to me since I told her that I wanna try to make over my self :p I like this one, it can be either foundation or pressed powder. Two function in a small package, I think it's good and kinda simple.

It comes in a good package with ULTIMA II printed on it . As you can see, the color of its package is white and look shiny under the light (which is good looking).  It is not heavy and comes in quite small size, fit into your travel pouch or mini bag.

It comes with sponge and also mirror. Make you easier to apply or touch up your make up. The sponge is good quality. By the way, don't mind with the dump sponge, I've been using this one since 2 years ago. Haha. And yes, I still use the default sponge which came in the package until now. It still in a good condition after abusing so many times #LOL. If you noticed the blur reflection on the mirror, it not because the mirror isn't good enough to reflect your beauty face, but it because I edited it #MUAHAHA. It reflecting my room corner, FYI :p

For the shade, I got Honey Beige 02 which is ok with my skin tone, tho I didn't choose it by my self. Yay! My mum gave this when I still didn't know anything about beauty things and yea, I just accept what she bought for me.

You can use  Ultima II 2-way Whitening Foundation as a foundation with wet sponge or you can use as pressed powder with dry sponge. It's easy, right? FYI, I always use with dry sponge haha.

Curious about the shade on my skin? Hehe. Now, take a look the pic above (ps : please pretending not see a scar on my hand :p)

To be honest, I really like this item and been using it for years (not daily). It simple and have 2-way usage :p
It still there, on my face, even I sweat or doing much activities and do not make my face cakey.
Well, thanks mom for bought me this one :)

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