Sunday, March 17, 2013

Etude LUCIDarling Fantastic Brush Eyeliner

Today I'm gonna review about my 1st eyeliner. I bought it several years ago from Drolly Pop for IDR 99.000,- Affordable price, right? Cause I used to be a makeup rookie #LOL (and still be a makeup rookie until this day), so I don't think to buy such a pricey eyeliner for my first collection.

What makes me interested with this product isn't from its packaging (like other Etude's product which come with cute packaging) or its quality, but its price (since it's really affordable for me at that time). And also it's a liquid pen eyeliner and easy to use for beginner.

To be honest, I'm not capable to speak or write or read Korean language so I can't translate what written on back side for you, darling. So sorry, dear.

Take a look closer to its tip. It's a precise tip to applying eyeliner (even a thin line) on your eyelid. Need to wait a few seconds after applying to make sure it already dry before you blink.

What about its staying power? Well, Etude said that this eyeliner is smudge proof and it's true. I used this for several years (until I change my eyeliner to Dolly Wink) and experienced no smudging. It's kinda hard to remove this eyeliner from my eyelid. I used Maybelline makeup remover and need several swipes until it really gone from my eyelid. Seriously, hard to remove.

The top one is a swatch after I daub it several times until I get intense black color (which I want) and the bottom one is its real swatch (only 1 daub). See the difference? Yes, it doesn't give you intense black color with only one daub, tho it will give you a natural black color.

When I rubbed it, it goes fade. See the difference on the right part of the lines.

And it really fade off with water. So this eyeliner is suitable for girls who have less activity outside.

PROs :
* Affordable price
* Easy to use
* Smudge proof

CONs :
* Won't give intense black color with one daub
* Easily fade off with water
* Hard to remove


Catherine Widjaja said...

wah , yang masuk wishlistku yang eyeshadow lucy darling hihi xD
btw , blogmu bagus loh , aku mau klik follow tapi ga bisa ngeload tadi bingung jadinya O_O

Neni Diyanti said...

wahh, iya eyeshadownya juga bagus say xD
kyaaa makasih say, hehe xD eh iya ga bs klik follow? oke oke nanti aku benerin itu tombol follow ahaha. btw aku follow blogmu juga ya :)