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MAKARIZO Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract

Mostly of us like to do creambath, either at saloon or do it at home. So do I :)
I used to do creambath or use hair mask frequently. But it was several years ago, when I still have much free time and can take a long time bathing. Hehe xD Nowadays, I rarely do it because I have tons of works at uni. I'm quite active at uni's organizations and committee and also I have tons of books which waiting me to read them. #LOL

But, I still need hair treatment, esp creambath or hair mask because I have done several times of hair smoothing. And geez, trust me most people said it gonna make my hair damaged.

But I don't care whatever they said. I still have healthy hair. Seriously, it still soft, smooth and shiny. Even my mom's friend who own a saloon near my house said that I really have good hair. Haha. She doesn't know my haircare routine, for sure xD

And this  MAKARIZO Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract really make me falling in love with ♥
I never have such a creambath or hair mask which has super nice smell and make me want to flick my hair everytime (just to smell its fragrance) xD

source : MAKARIZO

As you can read above, this variant is intended for rebonded, colored and permed hair. And also if you like to dry your hair with hair dryer or style your hair with straightener or heat curler, this variant is suitable for you.

This product contains vitamin C, E and Potassium ; can make your hair softer and shiny

It also contains Pterocarpus Marsupium Bark Extract/Mannitol. What this ingredient's funtion? It can improves hair density / thickness, prevents scalp disorders, stimulates the proliferation of dermal papilla cells that improves successful anchoring and strength, prevents functional scalp and follicle cell disorders, revitalizes scalp tissues, stimulates cell proliferation and slows the progression of alopecia (baldness) in women. (source : skincarea)

And don't forget to mention kiwi extract as one of the ingredients. Kiwi is one source of vitamin C, vitamin E and potassium. That's why MAKARIZO claims that this product contains those nutriments.

 It sealed with thin aluminium foil.

An unpack jar of  MAKARIZO Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract

Texture? Creamy off course.
This product smells really really good. It smells sweet and fresh. I think it smells like bubble gum.
And seriously, I'm freaking crazy with its smell ♥ ♥ ♥

I use this product for four times and find out that I already feel its effect to my hair since 1st time usage.
After I shampoo my hair and use conditioner, I apply generous amount of it. Do simple massage to my hair, clean up all messiness on my head then make a bun. It is as simple as DIY creambath at your home.

It will be better if you steam your hair after applying. If you don't have hair steamer, you can use wet towel. 
Psstt.. This is my trick : wet the towel with warm water, squeeze it until 70 - 80% dry then cover your hair with that towel. Tadaaa..!! You have your own hair steamer substitute xD

Then, leave it for about 15 minutes (at least 15 mins for better result). After that, you can wash your hair with water, either warm water or cold water (better warm water off course). Please wash your hair until all creams gone to prevent hair tangle.

Dry your hair with towel and do your next haircare routine (if you had). Me? I apply hair tonic onto my head. Hehe. I used to apply generous amount of leave on hair mask when my hair is 70 - 80% dry, but when I use this product I skip it. Leave on hair mask will reduce this product's smell and that will make me sad :( Since I super love MAKARIZO Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract's smell ♥

I dry my hair with hair dryer and after my hair is completely dry, I feel my hair becomes softer and smooth. Easily combed (even with my fingers!), tangle-free hair. And this is an absolute benefit : my hair smells really good ; with sweet and fresh fragrance (or I like what I've said : bubble gum fragrance)!

This writing was made ​​to follow the blog competition from in the participation to MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon Tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.

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