Saturday, March 30, 2013

MAKARIZO Texture Experience Black Chocolate Conditioner

After I review MAKARIZO Texture Experience Black Chocolate Shampoo, now I'll review about MAKARIZO Texture Experience Black Chocolate Conditioner.

This conditioner is one of goody bag contents from MAKARIZO HFF 2013. It comes with shampoo from same variant (which is black chocolate) and wrapped with cute wrapping plastic.

It has same design with its shampoo ; simple with white colored pumped bottle.
I never bother with simple design from a product. As long as the product is good (at least good for me) I will take it and put it into my favorite list :)

Like the shampoo, this conditioner also come with rotated pump. Spin it to right direction to open and spin it to left direction to close. This model of pumped is so unique. I've never seen a conditioner comes with this type pumped bottle before.

Since this is a conditioner, you have to apply it after shampoo.

Different with the shampoo, it comes in chocolate or brown colored liquid and have strong chocolate fragrance. I mean stronger than the shampoo's fragrance.

After using this conditioner, I feel my hair become softer and tangle-free. It also gives chocolate fragrance to my hair. I use this conditioner and shampoo from same variant (in this case : black chocolate) and find out that the chocolate fragrance can stay for all day long. The fragrance become softer in the next day.

At last, I just wanna say don't be lazy to use conditioner after shampoo. Conditioner can make your hair becomes softer and smooth. But don't use conditioner from hair root. Apply it from hair shaft until tip hair. In addition to more efficient, there is no point in using conditioner from hair root.

This writing was made ​​to follow the blog competition from in the participation to MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon Tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.

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