Saturday, March 2, 2013

ZA Beauty Show at Mall Kelapa Gading - Event Report

Yap! Today I went to ZA Beauty Show. It was held at Mall Kelapa Gading. This is my first attendance to a beauty event, btw. They said it's at Atrium MKG3, but when I went there, it wasn't ZA Beauty Show location. It was Morinaga's occasion. So I was looking around and found that ZA Beauty Show held at Atrium MKG5. Seriously, it's at MKG5, not 3. Haha.

When I came to MKG, it was about 10.30 AM, so me and my bf decided to have brunch at Gokana Tepan and watching movie. We watched Jack The Giant Slayer at 12.30PM and finished around 2.15 PM. The announcement said beauty show will be held at 2 PM. Think that I will be late for the event? Nope. As I expected, the beauty show would be late and I was right. Haha. ZA started their beauty show around 3 PM.

As you can see on the photos, it wasn't too crowded and full of participants even it was already 2.30 PM.
Luckily, I came with my friend, Clarensia and yes she's a beauty blogger too (but I'm sorry I don't remember her url since she wants to keep it hidden from her friends and it's kinda a long url). If  you noticed a boy on the photo, you aren't wrong. Yes, he's a boy accompanied his gf (I guess) cause I also bring my bf with me to this event. Hehe :p

This is the workshop area. ZA offers free makeover for every purchase of their products. Unfortunately, I didn't try their makeover cause I don't want to and I'm afraid I will look like a clown after they makeover me :p

And around 3 PM, the beauty show started. MC made a good opening, she really can brake the ice. Haha. It continue by some explanations about newest products of ZA by four beauty bloggers. I'm sorry I didn't take a photo cause I was too focus to listen and pay attention :) I know it sounds silly since I want to make an event report about it and why do I didn't take some photos of it (cause photos can talk much better right?). Well, I'm really sorry, darling. I just respect when those four beauty bloggers talked and gave some tips. Cause if you want to be listened when you talk, you should listen when the others talk, right? Yes, treat others like you want to be treated. I can't keep my self busy with taking photos :(

This is epic! Many models (seriously it was many and I can't take all their photos) showed us how to use ZA makeup. But as I saw, they didn't really put those ZA products on their face (since they already full makeup). They just pretending put the products on their face :p Yes, it was for public show only. Haha. And to be honest, they really caught my eyes with their slim tummy, slim thigh and beautiful feet! Wish that my body could be like them :p After the models, we got grand prize drawing. I wasn't one of three lucky people who got grand prizes :(

Yippie! I got a free photo from ZA beauty show. (left to right : my bf - me - Claren). We took it before the show go on. We all were shy cause we must pose in front of ZA symbol and it's a main screen in main stage. OMG! People saw us when we take that photo #shy.

ZA also give me a goody bag. It contains three sample of ZA newest products. Thanks ZA :)
And also thank to you, darling for reading (even tho I'm not a good reporter) ♥


Stephanie Indah Mulya said...

That's me and my bf! OMGOMG hahahaha

nenidiyanti said...

OMGOMG! itu kamu? huahaha. km kenapa pergi duluan deh kmrn? padahal baru mau aku ajak duduk sederet abis ngambilin bedak kamu yang jato itu XD

Stephanie Indah Mulya said...

Desperately needed to go to the toilet ._______. abis itu aku balik lagi koookk hahahaha... Aduh malu nih clumsy banget aku >.<