Monday, April 1, 2013

DIOR DIORISSIME Makeup Palette for Eyes and Lips - 001 Daylight Madonna

After I made a review about my 1st eyeliner ever, now I'm gonna make a review about my first makeup palette. My dad bought this for me when I said to him that I want to start learning about makeup and beauty stuffs. So, instead of let his daughter buying makeup stuff by her self and spend a lot of money for (maybe) useless makeup products (because I'm a newbie and attracted with cute packaging as always #LOL), my dad decided to bought me this makeup palette when he was in Canada.

Honestly, I didn't know that this one is such a pricey product. Yeah, because my dad just gave me this without let me knowing its price. And it was 1.5 years ago when I don't know either cheap or pricey makeup product. I even don't know DIOR is exist for its makeup product #LOL. All I know, DIOR is a famous fashion brand, not makeup xD

Here's the look of  DIOR DIORISSIME Makeup Palette for Eyes and Lips. It comes in pale pink pretty packaging with D signature and DIOR crafted on it. And I was so stupid on the first time I tried to open this palette. I thought I should pulled up the cover to open it, but it didn't work. Then I thought it was a sliding type, I try to slide it from all directions, but it was useless. #LOL How stupid I am!

And after about 10 minutes try to figure out how to open this palette, finally I can open it. #LOL So, all I need to do is just pull up the cover with some effort because it's a magnetic cover and it's too attached with the pan itself. I know this is such a stupid experience, but hey this is my first makeup palette ever so I was so newbie about makeup stuffs (including how to open the package, how to use, etc). So, dear if you're a newbie don't be shy to explore and ask. Don't be afraid. Without trial and error you won't be a better person.

I got DIOR DIORISSIME Makeup Palette for Eyes and Lips in 001 Daylight Madonna.

The palette has four eye shadows and two lip glosses. It also comes with an applicator. The applicator itself can be used for both applying eye shadows and lip glosses.

I know that my own photo isn't good enough because I already use the eye shadows and lip glosses. So, I searching on Google and find this picture better than mine :) But seriously, my photo shows you a real color of eye shadow's shade.

As you can see on the photo above, the pink lip gloss is already abused #LOL No wonder, it's my favorite ♥

I dipped my finger onto those four eye shadows pan

The shades

FYI, after I daub those eye shadows on my eyelid or my hand, it won't give such a popped out colors, tho it will give sheer colors. But you can use eye shadow base or primer to make the colors more visible.

The lip glosses

The left one is a pink natural colored lip gloss (this is my favorite) and the right one is just a glossy one with glitter. Both lip glosses can make your lips look more glossy yet natural.

PROs :
* pretty packaging
* mirror inside
* include applicator for both eye shadow and lip gloss
* a simple palette for traveling (since it comes in quite small size and has eye shadows and lip glosses)

CONs :
* sheer eye shadow's shade
* pricey
I don't about about the real and exact price of this product. But I find that sells this palette for $62.90 or about IDR 612.000,- and on ebay for $91.02 or about IDR 885.000,-


Anonymous said...

mahal banget ya utk 6pan aja. harusnya harga segitu bisa dpt UD naked,too faced return of the sexy,the balm nude tude or the balm jovi :)
ato mngkin bs cba sariayu palette edisi 25th nya...dpt 25 eyeshadow hrga only 200ribuan :)
but i love the packaging :)

Unknown said...

iya, haha. tapi aku ga tau sih sebenernya harga aslinya berapa soalnya dikasi sama bokap kan :)

Anonymous said...

nice post ! I love the packaging !
anyway kalo aku sih lebih bisa bilang itu karena teksturnya yang buttery jadi ada fall out nya.. tapi ga xtreme bngt ko fall out nya.. jangan lupa d tepuk2 dlu aj sbelum d pake ke eyelid.. about packaging c emang rentan, tapi kalo ol shop bkin packaging yang aman sih santai aja say.. asal dilapis aja bubble wrapnya :)
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