Friday, April 5, 2013

MAKARIZO advisor Anti Frizz Spray

Hey, I promise I'm gonna tell you a product which used to be my "hair shield" when I was rebonding or smoothing my hair. And tadaa...!! This is it ; MAKARIZO advisor Anti Frizz Spray. It really protects makes my hair and makes my hair looks more straight, also make my hair becomes easy to combed.

I rarely use this spray again since I'm not doing any hair smoothing or rebonding process and rarely using heat hair straightener nowadays. Since its function is to protect your hair before and after smoothing / rebonding / straightening (using hair straightener) to prevent your hair become frizz, tangled and dull. And gives you more straight alignment as the end result.

As you can see, it comes in transparent spray bottle. As I remember, on first time I used this product, it comes with white spray bottle (well, it was about 11 years ago, when I first time bonding my hair). And now it comes with better packaging :) I like the "fresh feeling" every time I see this bottle.

Mine is in 50ml (1.7 Fl. Oz.), but it has bigger version which is come in 265ml (9.0 Fl. Oz.).
I always buy a small version of this product since the first time I know this one because it's more handy on my palm and easy to bring it everywhere :)

Even you see it as yellow liquid in its bottle, in reality it's clear liquid.

How to use?
Just pull up the bottle cap, spray some amounts of MAKARIZO advisor Anti Frizz Spray onto your hair before you do straightening your hair and then you can use your straightener or hair dryer. You can spray it again after you finish straightening your hair.

This writing was made ​​to follow the blog competition from in the participation to MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon Tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.

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