Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MAKARIZO Hair MakeOver - The Process

Hey, folks!

After wrote about the announcement (me being a finalist of MAKARIZO Beauty Blog Competition) and sneak peak about my hair makeover process, now I'll tell you about my hair makeover process.

To remind you, I chose hair coloring for my hair makeover option :)

After waiting for a quite long time, finally my name got called for a hair makeover. Yay!
I thought I would get my hair makeover soon after it, but I was wrong. I have to done a before-after photo shoot first. Since my bf decided to stay at waiting room, practically I don't have assistant who can help to take photos of me having a before-after photo shoot. But superb thanks to Ms. Putri who offered her self to help me taking photos while I have a before-after photo shoot :)

This is me with awkward pose under the spot light -.-

 My hair before hair makeover (forward)

 My hair before hair makeover (right & left side)
My hair before hair makeover (back)

My hair history :
  • I never dye my hair, so my hair color before makeover process is (totally) virgin black
  • I've done several hair rebonding since elementary school until junior high school, I've done it regularly ; once every 6 months or once every 1 year (depend on my hair condition)
  • I've done several hair smoothing since (last year) junior high school until I study in uni, done it regularly ; once every 6 months or once every 1.5 year (depend on my hair condition)
  • I've curled my hair, either with heat curler or hair straightener or sponge curler several times (for special occasions only)
  • My original hair (before any chemical hair process) is natural wavy hair
  • My hair until the day of makeover is straight hair
  • My hair tip (on the day of makeover) is quite dry because I haven't trimmed it yet haha

By the way, on phone Ms. Putri told me that I can prepare some photos about hair color and also hair style which I want for the makeover. I've been thinking to have a brown-ish hair tone and ombre (from brown to blonde). Haha, I know ombre is quite popular these days. I didn't think to have a hair cutting because I had cut my hair recently and I don't want my hair becomes shorter after this makeover.

Here you can see my references for the hair color :

This is the main color that I want

And this one is the ombre color which I want, just a little bit blonde at the tip of my hair

Then, after I finished before-after photo shoot, I met my hair stylist and explained what color and style that I want. I showed these photos to them (well, actually I should have only one stylist but some other stylists were helping her to done my hair on that day).

Then my stylist was confused about the hair color. When she opened the hair color book, she can't find a color that match with the #1st photo (which should be the main color). Other stylist, called Cece suggested to see color with code 7, and this is what I got from hair color code 7 :

We deal with 7.3 (Golden Blonde)

What about ombre color for my hair tip? Well, Cece also suggested to bleach my hair tip so I can get lighter color without doing coloration on my hair tip. We were deal with that idea :)

I have time to take a photo before hair makeover process

The girl on the left is my stylist and the girl on the right is the one who called Cece by other stylists (in the end, I found out that her name is Earlene). Both were doing my hair :)

MAKARIZO Team was so kind, they offered me a drink and I said I want lemon tea

This is me after my hair tip already covered with aluminiom foil for bleaching and my hair shaft were all covered with coloring cream (except the root)

It looks messed up from the back

 Me again after my hair roots already covered with coloring cream

Do you know why my stylist didn't coloring my hair roots at the same time she coloring my hair shafts and bleach my hair tip? It sounds more simple to coloring all hair at the same time, right?

Well, I also asked her about this. And she said that hair roots are easily absorb coloring cream so if she coloring my hair roots at the same time with coloring hair shaft, then my hair roots will have brighter color than the hair shaft. So she start coloring my hair 2 cm from hair root and then let the coloring cream being absorbed for about 30 minutes. After that, she start coloring my hair roots and left it for about 10 minutes.

 Though, in reality some parts of my hair roots already got brighter than my hair shaft #LOL

Well, I was worried about this brighter part and my stylist said that she can patched it with darker color to cover it. But in the end, my stylist let that part being a bit brighter and don't patching it with darker color. Well, it's okay for me because it doesn't look so obvious :p

Messed up xD

This is my very first time coloring my hair. I felt itchy on my scalp after the coloring cream was applied onto my hair. I don't know why, but I can tolerate it. And honestly, having generous amounts of coloring cream on my hair is just same like me having generous amounts of hair smoothing cream on my hair. I don't like how it feels (never like it since my first time rebonding / smoothing my hair). But the good news is coloring process take less time than smoothing process :) Yay!

What's this? Haha! This is the pattern of  MAKARIZO hair cape. It looks like 3D right? But in fact, it's 2D!

Not all of 10 finalist already got hair makeover when I was about to finish, you can see it on this absent sheet

By the way, do you notice that my stylist name is Ms. Wiwik? YES! I know her name after reading this absent sheet and I know that I should remember her name because she was so nice and kind to me. She's a great stylist :)

Ms. Wiwik curling my hair with heat curler

Actually, when she asked me what I want for finishing style, I said I just want a simple blow dry. But she insisted to curling my hair. Haha. And yeah, I surrender. Beside, I think it will look good for before-after photoshoot :p

left to right : Mr. Miko, Ms. Earlene, Ms. Wiwik, me
After my hair done, I begged to these three hair stylists to take a photo together. These three hair stylists were helping me to get my new hair. They were so nice, friendly and helpful. Well, MAKARIZO hires good people as their hair stylists squad. Thumbs up!

Geez... Why the photographer took a photo while I was blinking?! Errr...

Well, for after-photo shoot, Ms. Putri didn't help me again to take some photos of mine. So, there was another photographer who help me to take some photos using my camera. But I don't think he was willing to help me because when I saw my camera there's just a few photos from my after-photo shoot and mostly aren't good enough and taken with bad angle. By the way, this photographer is the same guy with a photographer who help me to take a photo with IBB members at The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation by Texture Experience Talk Show. Anyway, thank you Mr. Photographer :) Without you, I won't have photos from my after-makeover photo shoot.

After the hair makeover!

After the photo shoot done, MAKARIZO Hair Makeover Team was kindly ask to have an interview with me about the hair makeover process. I got some questions to answered and all the interview were recorded. To be honest, I was so shy at that time xD

Took a photo again with Ms. Wiwik :)

My hair before and after makeover (back side)

I compare my photo before the makeover and after makeover. Well, which one better? xD

Phew~ It was a tiring yet happy day. I got a (dramatic) hair makeover. I changed my hair color and got curly style at that day. It was (really) a hard decision for me. Seriously, because I love my black hair. And after the hair makeover done, I looked my self on mirror and keep thinking I look better with this hair color. Well, it looks better indeed :)

A goodie bag from MAKARIZO

It contains MK3 Color Revive products (hair recovery cream - gel conditioner - reguler shampo)

MK3 Color Revive products that I got from MAKARIZO

I'm so happy to get these MK3 Color Revive products because it means no extra budget for buying a new set of hair products for my (new) colored hair :) Yay! Besides, I trust MAKARIZO's products for its quality.

By the way, I have some comments from my friends about my hair makeover.
Curious about what they think about my new hair?? :p
Then don't forget to check my next post about it.
Read about my friend's opinion here ;)

This writing was made ​​to follow the blog competition from www.makarizo.co.id in the participation to MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon Tour Indonesia (STI) 2013.


Claren Stefanie said...

Bagus mak ombrenya..Akhirnya lu cet juga, aturan blonde aja semua tau mak..wkwk

Unknown said...

ehh bagis lho hasil warnanya, ombre gitu ya apalagi curled gitu

Unknown said...

thank you everyone :)