Saturday, April 27, 2013

Testimonials about My New Hair - MAKARIZO Hair MakeOver

Have you read my previous post about my hair makeover by MAKARIZO? Well, in case you miss to read it, you can read about me chosen to be a finalist of MAKARIZO Beauty Blog Competition and got a hair makeover by MAKARIZO. (hover the link and click it to read)

For me, it's a quite drastic changes for my hair. I got my hair colored and it's brown and it's also ombre color! I can't believe my self every time I looked on the mirror xD

Like me, my friends also got surprised when they saw me for the first time after I got a hair makeover #LOL. Everyone was shocked yet give a good comment about my new hair. They said I look more mature with curly hair style. Errr... I think I look more chubby with that curly hair style.

And yes, I wanna share their comments with you, my dear readers. Because I know, some of you may curious of people's opinion about my new hair :p

#note :
Some of my friends wrote their comments in Bahasa (Indonesia language) so I will translate it for you. The translation will be written under the photo.

Mario | Beloved BF
"THANKS Makarizo for making my girlfriend looks more gorgeous and beautiful. Love you more ♥ THX Makarizo"

 Desi | best friend at Tarumanagara University 
 "Neni... What a gorgeous transform ^.^ Look so stylish & mature. Completely great :p"

 Sherly | best friend at Tarumanagara University
 "Nicely done! Apik tenan (really good) hǎo kàn!"
FYI, hǎo kàn means good looking

  Sylvia | best friend at Tarumanagara University
 "I Love Her New Hair! It's UNIQUE~"

Lydia | best friend at Tarumanagara University
"WOW!!! (>_<) Like your New Hair Style Neni! You Look awesomely different"

 Juli | best friend at Tarumanagara University 
"Kyaaa! Oh my gosh! I-am-speechless. But I like your new hair. It gives somehow a barbie look and I am happy with your transformation. You look more pretty and mature ^.^"

Fida | discussion group partner at Tarumanagara University 
"Love you new hair Neni >.< Make you look so stylish"

 Stephanie | discussion group partner at Tarumanagara University 
"I like your new hair, Neni!! -GOOD-"

 Stepvani | discussion group partner at Tarumanagara University 
"Neni braves to make a creation with hair color which rarely used by other people and she looks great with that style, not overrated, look more mature. Cool. Her new hair color combination make her look better"

Natasha | friend at Tarumanagara University 
"Little sister, Neni looks more pretty! I want your hair!"
FYI, She's at the same age with me, but somehow she likes to call me dede (younger sister) because my childish look

 Natasha | friend at Tarumanagara University
 "Neni, your hair is really good.. Look more stylish.. More pretty and cute too.. Cool!! ^_^"

Clarensia | best friend since elementary school
"The ombre color looks good. Finally you dye your hair, but better all blonde. Wkwk"

Teminto | best friend since senior high school
"Why you become like a barbie? (when the first time he saw my photos). Hi Neni! Why are u looking like a princess?? How beautiful u are now! Amazing! I like your hair color and your wavy hair! (after I ask him to give a testimonial about my new hair)"

Nita | best friend since senior high school
"I've never see you in a year, look at you now waaw!! *gorgeous* you look so different, you're very beautiful with brown curly hair"

This writing was made ​​to follow the blog competition from in the participation to MAKARIZO Hair Fashion Festival, Salon Tour Indonesia (STI) 2013

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