Monday, May 20, 2013

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #03 Smoky Brown

I know Dolly Wink is famous for its eyeliner, and yes I already have it in my makeup case :) But somehow, I'm curious about their eyeshadow. Dolly Wink had launched their newest packaging and removed the booklet in this newest package :(

By the way, this is my first Dolly Wink Eye Shadow. So I can't compare the oldest one with this new one. I bought this from Mirielle Beauté for IDR 195.000,-

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #03 Smokey Brown in new packaging

 The packaging from back side

Dolly Wink doesn't include a booklet (like I've read in other review about this eye shadow in old packaging), instead they give a mini tutorial in the back side of the packaging.

To get the pan, you can open the plastic box from right / left side then grab the pan out

 The eye shadow pan (front side)

The packaging itself is cute in brown colored, made from plastic with a heart shaped glass. Minus point - it doesn't have mirror, so for me it's not a simple thing to bring for traveling, though it has an applicator inside.

The eye shadow pan (back side)

When it opened, you'll find four eye shadow colors and an applicator

This contains four shimmering eye shadow colors

The dual sponge as applicator. Its quality isn't good enough, so it will be better to use your own brush for better result :)

 Swatches (without and with flash)

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #03 Smoky Brown contains four eye shadow colors and all are shimmering (which is I like ; cause I do love shimmering ones). Overall, just one (out of four) colors is pigmented enough. For me, this will give such a natural smoky eye makeup instead of the vibrant one.

So, for those who looking for very pigmented or (just) pigmented eye shadow colors, this Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #03 Smoky Brown isn't a good choice for you.

And this eye shadow is powdery. I always end up with mess every time I use this one.I need to tap down my brush before applying onto my eyelid to prevent the eye shadow powder falling on my face.

How big the pan is...

To be honest, I was shocked when I received a package, opened it and found out that the pan is really small. Just as big as my palm (and FYI, my palm isn't wide enough). Its diameter is only 6 cm #LOL. It's really small for me (compared to my other eye shadow pan with at least four colors).

I think this one is good for those who always look for a cute packaging and those who adore Japanese makeup product (since Dolly Wink is famous in Japan). But for you who looking for a "worth it" eye shadow, this one isn't a good choice ; judging by its small size with quite expensive price.


Unknown said...

waahh, aku baru aja beli ini sama persis yg no 3 juga, tp di web resminya,, belom dicoba sih, tp keliatan dr swatch ditanganmu powdery sekali ya?

sayang sekali yah, pdhal pricey :(
Tar mo aku cobain ah
thanks reviewnya :)

ncy said...

hi...wah, eyeshadow nya bagus warnaya, kemasannya juga bagus! anw, i am your new follower...=)
mungkin kuteksnya bisa kamu liat di begitu...hihi or maybe e-bay!

thanks for a nice comment on my blog, dear!xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dolly wink is one of my fave cosmetic brand.. love your review ♡

♥ Tanachi ♥ said...

I always think that Dolly Wink is quite expensive...? But the packaging is super cute! (:

<3 GIG

NeoshaLoves said...

Those colors are gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!


Liss Cope - Bloguerasbee said...

aww the packaging is so pretty, I haven’t tried any of dolly wink products, would love to try their eyelashes, they look so pretty :)
#giglove big hugs honey <3

Unknown said...

Great review! It's always good to know the pros AND cons of a product!

Kai Grafia said...

Too bad that it's not that pigmented :( I love the packaging though :)

Donah @ SweetJellyBean said...

Not a big fan of shimmers but I love the color selection - plus the packaging is uber cute! I think most Dolly Winks are hehe xx

Autumn said...

Darn... I always thought Dolly Wink was good, they are quite expensive and their eyeliner is awesome! Too bad... it looks not so special.

Unknown said...

Love your thorough and honest review!! The packaging is very cute, but doesn't make up for a so-so product :)

Porshi said...

The packaging is so cute.. wish the eye shadow was of good quality though :(

<3 #GIG

Unknown said...

Not too pigmented, prolly good to give you more natural look. Cute packaging! LOVE LOVE! x Love, Cynthia

Cheryl F. said...

Great choice of colors :) The packaging is cute too!

aby ♥ said...

loving the shades of it! great review! XD

- from gig

Unknown said...

Love the packaging, regardless of size. Neutrals are super for everyday make-up.

Belleza Kisses said...

The colos are pretty.

hautefrugalista said...

beautiful colors!

Unknown said...

nice colors!i havent heard of dolly wink before..they are japanese? i like the packaging!

Julisa Pratiwi said...

Aku emang nyari shade warna ini. Surprisingly ternyata belinya jg di olshop langgananku. Thanks for review, dear!


Unknown said...

amazing post.. great review.. looks like a good product.. kisses! xoxo