Monday, June 24, 2013

The More You Know About KBJ, The More You'll Love It

I have been introduce you about Kawaii Beauty Japan in my previous post.
But, in case you are still wondering the benefits you'll get by following Kawaii Beauty Japan in twitter and in fan page, I will tell you more about Kawaii Beauty Japan.

Kawaii Beauty Japan is one stop media to get information about beauty, health, fashion, food, diet tips and info(s) about Japan. Yes, they are oriented in Japanese style.

Let me give you an example about Japanese way to do diet..

As we know, mostly Japanese girls are kawaii and slim. They have their own way to eat and doing diet. From one post of Kawaii Beauty Japan, I know that Japan make their snacks packing individually. That's why, instead of grab all snacks at a time, Japanese girls will grab only one or two snacks at a time and they will store snacks that left to eat in another time. This way of snack packaging is really different with other country, such as America which mostly snacks are packing in one whole package so you can grab all snacks at a time. It will make you want to eat more and more. Japanese? They only eat one or two snacks and they think it's enough since their brain said they already eat more than one package of snacks. Awesome trick to do diet ;)
read about it in : trick to eat snack in Japan

Kawaii Beauty Japan not only gives information about beauty, it also gives you informations about health and random info(s) about Japan. Like an example that I wrote above.

Kawaii Beauty Japan based on three pillars, which are Skin, Body and Heart.
Kawaii Beauty Japan will gives you informations in the right way, it's easy to understand. They also provide photos to support their articles. So it makes you easier to understand.

Don't you think since Kawaii Beauty Japan is a new one stop media in facebook and twitter, it doesn't have many likers and followers. In fact, Kawaii Beauty Japan has more than 360.000 likers and more than 1400 followers! And yes, I'm including as one of their likers and followers ;)

Psstt... Kawaii Beauty Japan also like to hold giveaways with awesome prizes!

So girls, if you are interested with anything related with Japan, you should go like and follow Kawaii Beauty Japan. And also for those who like to try their luck in giveaways, do follow and like Kawaii Beauty Japan ;)

Be beauty and have a chance to winning awesome prizes is as simple as like Kawaii Beauty Japan fanpage and follow Kawaii Beauty Japan twitter.

Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin UV Under Base

In the end of May, I got invited to Shu Uemura OB Princess Party at Mall Kelapa Gading and I got several items as goody bag xD One of the items is Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin UV Under Base. 

I am so excited to try this product since I never have such a mousse makeup base before xD

Instant dewy-glowing complexion
Innovative mousse-to cream formula creates luminescent veil, smoothening pores & fine lines while replenishing moisture for instant glowing complexion. Hint of rosiness from its carefully selected peach shade completes ideal radiant canvas for beautiful makeup creation.

‘skin care mask’ like effect for porcelain skin

contains powerful skin care active rhamnose, known to reactivate skin’s self-regeneration. As if having a mask on all day, skin loving formula gently envelops skin. Simply with everyday make-up, skin looks supple & smooth, restoring visible youthful glow. 
*24h hydration
*SPF 30/ PA ++

I look at the packaging carefully and read all information which written on it. It comes with SPF 30 and PA ++ which is good for UV protection. Since its name is UV under base, it should have protection for UV, right?

It comes in a can bottle with pump. Its size is quite small (for the first time I thought it's just a mini size, but after googling it, found out that this is the real size OMO) Overall, I like the packaging. Simple and light weight. The minus point is the description is only given in Japan language.

The pump is cute with peach pastel colour. Just press the pump gently and it will gives you the foam :)

It blends very well on my skin and match with my skin tone. Giving dewy look without looking white cast. It smells like cookies or cakes. Seriously, it smells sweet!

You can see the difference between my bare skin and using TSUYA Skin UV Under Base.
It makes my skin looks dewy and ready for another step of makeup.
It also protects my skin from UV.
I like this makeup base from Shu Uemura ;) By the way, it's not too pricey :)

PS : please bare with my skin condition
I know it looks super dry, but to be honest I have genetic skin problem. My skin will always look dry and cracked when I got stressed. It also get itchy and redness. It called eczema or atopic dermatitis. I've consulted a good dermatologist in my country and she said stress is the provoking factor (stress make it worsen) and it's genetic disease. I will live with this skin problem forever and have to stock the prescribed ointment.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Be Kawaii With Kawaii Beauty Japan

Most of you may often hear a word, kawaii. Maybe all things you know is kawaii is a sort of Japanese language and some of you may don't understand what it really means.

In Japan, kawaii can be written with hiragana, kanji or katakana.
かわいい  (hiragana) 可愛い  (hiragana & kanji) カワイ  (katakana).
All of them have the same meaning, kawaii.
Kawaii is a Japanase word means cute.
People, especially girls nowadays often say kawaii to describe cute appearance or something cute.

As a girl, we all want to be kawaii, right? xD
Personally, I adore Japanese makeup and style. The Japanese girls are just uber cute and outstanding with their own style. Most of them look so kawaii~ (and yes, it really make me jeaolus :p).

I always wondering if I could find a source which contains all Japanese info(s) about Japanese makeup, style and healthy diet (mostly Japanese girls are slim). It will be a plus point if it also give a unique trivia about Japan. It sounds easy to find it in google, but as long as I have searching for it, I found that those sites aren't easy to understand.

Until the day, I found on facebook, a fan page called Kawaii Beauty Japan. It based in Indonesia (which is my country). The contents are easy to understand because it written in proper Indonesia language. Kawaii Beauty Japan also like to hold a giveaway and so far they have held two giveaways.

Kawaii Beauty Japan adalah one-stop media dimana kamu bisa menunjukkan kecantikan sejatimu dengan rahasia dari Jepang. 
Kawaii Beauty Japan memiliki tiga konsep. Salah satunya adalah "kulit".  Kami ingin memperkenalkan berbagai tips perawatan kulit serta produk-produk Jepang yang kami rekomendasikan. 
Kedua adalah "hati".  Kami percaya bahwa kecantikan tidak hanya mengenai penampilan tetapi dalam hati, jadi kami ingin membagikan info mengenai keindahan dan kecantikan budaya serta pemandangan di Jepang. 
Dan yang ketiga adalah "tubuh". Dasar untuk menjaga kecantikan adalah diet sehat.  Diet Jepang dianggap diet yang paling sehat. Oleh karena itu, kami berusaha menyediakan tips cantik dan sehat ala Jepang.
Kawaii Beauty Japan launched on April, 21 2013.
It's a one stop media where you can show your true beauty with secret from Japan.
Kawaii Beauty Japan has 3 concepts. First is skin, second is heart and third is body.
So you can find all information about skin, heart (beauty) and body in Kawaii Beauty Japan.

Curious with Kawaii Beauty Japan's contents? Here's some of them.
Psstt.. They have many contents with various theme, like beauty, health, etc.
It's really one stop beauty site for you who adore Japanese style and makeup!

beauty post : about gyaru makeup - read here

fashion post : about kimono - read here

food post : about okonomiyaki (and how to make it) - read here

diet post : about food combination - read here

Japan info : about Hitachi Seaside Park - read here

giveaway  win Shu Uemura Whitefficient Intense Whitening Essence 30 ml - read here

giveaway 300 likes win MAP voucher IDR 100.000 - read here

See? It's interesting, right?
I even follow Kawaii Beauty Japan twitter to get latest update of Japanese beauty secret.

So, what are you waiting for?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Black

Dolly Wink is one of Japanese makeup brand that popular among beauty bloggers and also famous for its liquid eyeliner in most of beauty blogs in this world!
Many beauty blogs make a review about this liquid eyeliner and it makes me crazy!
I decided to buy it several months ago due to many good reviews about Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner.
Yes, it's soooo tempting~

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner comes in two colours, black and brown.
I prefer to have the black one and still on progress to get the brown one. I'll get another one because this eyeliner is really really good on me.
It's quite expensive for me, so I need to saving money quite hard to get the brown one xD

FYI, this is the newest version of Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner and its design is really improve.
It comes in a sweet pink pen with black cap and flower print all around the pen.

Packaging - back side

In Indonesia, you can get any Dolly Wink products easily at KAI Collection.
You can afford this Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner for IDR 198.900,-

It comes in pen shape with precision brush. The brush is really precision and you can easily draw even a thin line on your eyelid.

Look closer to its brush. It's really a precision brush and make you comfortable to draw eyeliner on your eyelid. You can draw a thin line or you can swipe it several times to make the line darker and thicker. I recommend this product for an eyeliner newbie who want to try to use pen eyeliner ;)

Let's see the swatch. I drew a thin line, thick line and also my name.
I make the thin line with only one swipe and I swipe several times to get thicker and darker line.

This eyeliner is quick to dry (testing on my eyelid), so I don't need to wait for a long time to blinking after applying eyeliner. Its staying power is also good. After I draw a line, I only wait for a moment and rub it. It doesn't fade away easily. I need to rub it with more power to get it faded.

Okay, water tests. For those who have oily eyelid, you may want an eyeliner which sweat resistant and (maybe) also water resistant. Am I right? Then, this eyeliner could be your choice.

Though I don't have oily eyelid, but I have many activities under the sun ; outdoor. And when I put eyeliner on my eyelid, I want it to stay there for a long long time. And I hope it wouldn't fade away easily because of sweating. I want it to still stay until I got home so I no need to touch up in the middle of the day. And Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner granted my wishes.

As you can see on the picture, it doesn't fade away by water. It still stay there even under running water (tap water)! Some people said, Dolly Wink doesn't suit for them, but this one is really my favourite.

But hey, it does fade away with tears! My tears always come down when I have to enter anatomy room in my faculty (medicine). Inside the room, there's some cadavers (dead bodies) drowned in the formalin water and it really irritating my eyes. So, I always cry whenever I have to enter this room and observe the cadavers and tears do make the eyeliner fade away. But no need to worry, because with tissue, I can easily remove all the eyeliner on my eyelid when I cry. Haha. No time for laughing at my faded eyeliner xD

After being tested with water, I tried to rub it with medium power and as you can see, the eyeliner is gonna fade.

Well, after all, don't think this is such a pricey product, let's say this is a good investment for your makeup case. It has cute packaging and good staying power, though it isn't water resistant, but it still stay even I got sweating during the day.

Use primer to make the eyeliner last long on your eyelid ;)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Introduce Jco and Celine - The Most Adorable Pomeranians

No, it's not about another makeup products or review or an event report.
Today, I'm gonna make a post about my lovely dovey dogs 
So far away from beauty things related, right? xD

Introduce you, the most adorable and handsome male pomeranian, Jco von Oshin.

Jco is my 2nd dog. My 1st dog was also a pomeranian, named Ficy. She's cream coloured and she died peacefully at Christmas night in 2011 cause of distemper.

Jco was also suffer with distemper virus when he was 2 months old and he had struggled from the virus. He still survive and alive until today.

Jco is a white pomeranian dog. He's not snow white, though.

Jco can obey some commands (if he wanted to), like sit or stand or take a pee. But sometimes he doesn't obey. It's okay because I don't want to force him do some tricks just to look cute and smart.

He's my best friend, my partner, the one who will sit there and listen all my sh*ts without being tired and he's the one who will always wait me at home and happy when he sees me.

Now, introduce you, the prettiest and most adorable female pomeranian, Celine (Funky Pom's Geisha).

This photo was taken when Celine still a puppy, now she's more than a year

Celine real name isn't Celine, her name is Funky Pom's Geisha. When the first time I looked at her vaccination book, I didn't like the name. So, I decided to change it to Celine. Haha xD

Celine is also a white pomeranian. She's overactive and love to lick everything. She's my mom's favourite. She's more attach with my mom instead of me.

Celebrate Jco's 1st Barkday Blast!

Eat the dog ice cream cake together with Celine :9

My dad, mom and me love them so much.
I save money (extra hard) for buying a dog birthday cake for Jco 1st birthday.
It's worth it in the end :D They both like to eat that ice cream cake for dog.

By the way, Jco will celebrate his next birthday on this November. Can't wait xD
And Celine will also celebrate her next birthday on March. Still a long waiting..

What about you? Do you have dogs or any other pets?
Do you celebrate their birthday like you celebrate your kid's birthday?
Well, I did.. xD

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shu Uemura OB Princess Party at Mall Kelapa Gading

About 2 week ago, ci Carnellin held a small competition to win an invitation to Shu Uemura OB Princess Party at Mall Kelapa Gading 3. Well, since I often go to MKG on (almost) every weekend, I decided to join. Surprisingly, I won an invitation to that event. The dress code is to dress like one of OB Princess that I've chosen previously. And I choose Cherry Blossom Princess :)

On the day, I came at 15.00 (GMT +7), but there was only a few people who already came. Thought it will be late, I decide to go around for awhile and came back after few minutes. I spotted ci Carnellin and her sister and some other beauty bloggers. I decided to join them. But ofc, the event itself didn't start at 15.00. To killing time, I took a photos of some Shu Uemura's products, esp the newest collection which is OB Princess for Shu Uemura.

 OB Princess for Shu Uemura Collection

Fake eyelashes from Cherry Blossom OB Princess 

Lipstick from OB Princess Collection 

Another Shu Uemura lipsticks squad 

Beauty cabinet 

 Some beauty bloggers got touch up their makeup

Shu Uemura was so kind to let us doing makeup or just touch up with their products. Mostly beauty bloggers who came earlier decided to touch up their makeup.

 The MC

Finally, the event started! The MC opened it with an introduction about OB, the illustrator behind Shu Uemura newest collection.
MC and Brand Manager of Shu Uemura Indonesia 

 Local illustrator started to draw the model

The rundown continue with live sketch from two local illustrators. They drawing the model on a paper with Shu Uemura makeup products (such as : lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil) and did it in front us. Took about 30 minutes for them to finish their drawing.

Beauty bloggers seriously pay attention to the illustrators 

There are total four illustrators who draw OB Princess for Shu Uemura Indonesia
Citra Kemala - Cherry Blossom Princess (top left)
Diela Maharanie - Forest Princess (top right)
Diani Apsari - Moon Princess (bottom left)
Lidia Puspita - Ocean Princess (bottom right) 

After they done their drawing, we can ask them to draw us onto a bookmark paper. First, I straightly went to kak Diela because we already had a chit chat during the event. And then I continue ask the other three illustrators for a drawing ;)

Kak Diela and me 

 Kak Cicid and me

Kak Dian and me 

Kak Lidia and me 

 I got all four!

Goody bag

Like the other beauty event, I also got a goody bag after the event done.
By the way, I won the best dress and makeup as Cherry Blossom Princess! I got that Shu Uemura Unmask Palette, yay!
It was such an interesting beauty event! Thanks to Shu Uemura Indonesia :)