Friday, June 21, 2013

Be Kawaii With Kawaii Beauty Japan

Most of you may often hear a word, kawaii. Maybe all things you know is kawaii is a sort of Japanese language and some of you may don't understand what it really means.

In Japan, kawaii can be written with hiragana, kanji or katakana.
かわいい  (hiragana) 可愛い  (hiragana & kanji) カワイ  (katakana).
All of them have the same meaning, kawaii.
Kawaii is a Japanase word means cute.
People, especially girls nowadays often say kawaii to describe cute appearance or something cute.

As a girl, we all want to be kawaii, right? xD
Personally, I adore Japanese makeup and style. The Japanese girls are just uber cute and outstanding with their own style. Most of them look so kawaii~ (and yes, it really make me jeaolus :p).

I always wondering if I could find a source which contains all Japanese info(s) about Japanese makeup, style and healthy diet (mostly Japanese girls are slim). It will be a plus point if it also give a unique trivia about Japan. It sounds easy to find it in google, but as long as I have searching for it, I found that those sites aren't easy to understand.

Until the day, I found on facebook, a fan page called Kawaii Beauty Japan. It based in Indonesia (which is my country). The contents are easy to understand because it written in proper Indonesia language. Kawaii Beauty Japan also like to hold a giveaway and so far they have held two giveaways.

Kawaii Beauty Japan adalah one-stop media dimana kamu bisa menunjukkan kecantikan sejatimu dengan rahasia dari Jepang. 
Kawaii Beauty Japan memiliki tiga konsep. Salah satunya adalah "kulit".  Kami ingin memperkenalkan berbagai tips perawatan kulit serta produk-produk Jepang yang kami rekomendasikan. 
Kedua adalah "hati".  Kami percaya bahwa kecantikan tidak hanya mengenai penampilan tetapi dalam hati, jadi kami ingin membagikan info mengenai keindahan dan kecantikan budaya serta pemandangan di Jepang. 
Dan yang ketiga adalah "tubuh". Dasar untuk menjaga kecantikan adalah diet sehat.  Diet Jepang dianggap diet yang paling sehat. Oleh karena itu, kami berusaha menyediakan tips cantik dan sehat ala Jepang.
Kawaii Beauty Japan launched on April, 21 2013.
It's a one stop media where you can show your true beauty with secret from Japan.
Kawaii Beauty Japan has 3 concepts. First is skin, second is heart and third is body.
So you can find all information about skin, heart (beauty) and body in Kawaii Beauty Japan.

Curious with Kawaii Beauty Japan's contents? Here's some of them.
Psstt.. They have many contents with various theme, like beauty, health, etc.
It's really one stop beauty site for you who adore Japanese style and makeup!

beauty post : about gyaru makeup - read here

fashion post : about kimono - read here

food post : about okonomiyaki (and how to make it) - read here

diet post : about food combination - read here

Japan info : about Hitachi Seaside Park - read here

giveaway  win Shu Uemura Whitefficient Intense Whitening Essence 30 ml - read here

giveaway 300 likes win MAP voucher IDR 100.000 - read here

See? It's interesting, right?
I even follow Kawaii Beauty Japan twitter to get latest update of Japanese beauty secret.

So, what are you waiting for?

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