Sunday, June 9, 2013

Introduce Jco and Celine - The Most Adorable Pomeranians

No, it's not about another makeup products or review or an event report.
Today, I'm gonna make a post about my lovely dovey dogs 
So far away from beauty things related, right? xD

Introduce you, the most adorable and handsome male pomeranian, Jco von Oshin.

Jco is my 2nd dog. My 1st dog was also a pomeranian, named Ficy. She's cream coloured and she died peacefully at Christmas night in 2011 cause of distemper.

Jco was also suffer with distemper virus when he was 2 months old and he had struggled from the virus. He still survive and alive until today.

Jco is a white pomeranian dog. He's not snow white, though.

Jco can obey some commands (if he wanted to), like sit or stand or take a pee. But sometimes he doesn't obey. It's okay because I don't want to force him do some tricks just to look cute and smart.

He's my best friend, my partner, the one who will sit there and listen all my sh*ts without being tired and he's the one who will always wait me at home and happy when he sees me.

Now, introduce you, the prettiest and most adorable female pomeranian, Celine (Funky Pom's Geisha).

This photo was taken when Celine still a puppy, now she's more than a year

Celine real name isn't Celine, her name is Funky Pom's Geisha. When the first time I looked at her vaccination book, I didn't like the name. So, I decided to change it to Celine. Haha xD

Celine is also a white pomeranian. She's overactive and love to lick everything. She's my mom's favourite. She's more attach with my mom instead of me.

Celebrate Jco's 1st Barkday Blast!

Eat the dog ice cream cake together with Celine :9

My dad, mom and me love them so much.
I save money (extra hard) for buying a dog birthday cake for Jco 1st birthday.
It's worth it in the end :D They both like to eat that ice cream cake for dog.

By the way, Jco will celebrate his next birthday on this November. Can't wait xD
And Celine will also celebrate her next birthday on March. Still a long waiting..

What about you? Do you have dogs or any other pets?
Do you celebrate their birthday like you celebrate your kid's birthday?
Well, I did.. xD


Claren Stefanie said...

Ehh lucu amat lg makan kue xD itu kue eskrim nya khusus doggy gitu?

Unknown said...

wooow it's so adorable <3