Monday, June 24, 2013

The More You Know About KBJ, The More You'll Love It

I have been introduce you about Kawaii Beauty Japan in my previous post.
But, in case you are still wondering the benefits you'll get by following Kawaii Beauty Japan in twitter and in fan page, I will tell you more about Kawaii Beauty Japan.

Kawaii Beauty Japan is one stop media to get information about beauty, health, fashion, food, diet tips and info(s) about Japan. Yes, they are oriented in Japanese style.

Let me give you an example about Japanese way to do diet..

As we know, mostly Japanese girls are kawaii and slim. They have their own way to eat and doing diet. From one post of Kawaii Beauty Japan, I know that Japan make their snacks packing individually. That's why, instead of grab all snacks at a time, Japanese girls will grab only one or two snacks at a time and they will store snacks that left to eat in another time. This way of snack packaging is really different with other country, such as America which mostly snacks are packing in one whole package so you can grab all snacks at a time. It will make you want to eat more and more. Japanese? They only eat one or two snacks and they think it's enough since their brain said they already eat more than one package of snacks. Awesome trick to do diet ;)
read about it in : trick to eat snack in Japan

Kawaii Beauty Japan not only gives information about beauty, it also gives you informations about health and random info(s) about Japan. Like an example that I wrote above.

Kawaii Beauty Japan based on three pillars, which are Skin, Body and Heart.
Kawaii Beauty Japan will gives you informations in the right way, it's easy to understand. They also provide photos to support their articles. So it makes you easier to understand.

Don't you think since Kawaii Beauty Japan is a new one stop media in facebook and twitter, it doesn't have many likers and followers. In fact, Kawaii Beauty Japan has more than 360.000 likers and more than 1400 followers! And yes, I'm including as one of their likers and followers ;)

Psstt... Kawaii Beauty Japan also like to hold giveaways with awesome prizes!

So girls, if you are interested with anything related with Japan, you should go like and follow Kawaii Beauty Japan. And also for those who like to try their luck in giveaways, do follow and like Kawaii Beauty Japan ;)

Be beauty and have a chance to winning awesome prizes is as simple as like Kawaii Beauty Japan fanpage and follow Kawaii Beauty Japan twitter.

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