Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Diva Soul Grey

I'm gonna review my first circle lenses ever! (*≧▽≦)
I got this pair of circle lenses (soft lenses) as a prize from Carryna Pratiwi's feat MyGeoLens Giveaway. Ms. Carryn let me choose either diva soul or diva queen as my prize and also the colour and lens power that I want. I picked diva soul in grey colour, plano (power : 0 - 0) since my both eyes are normal.

Product Name : Diva Softlens Soul
Manufacture : Diva
Country of Origin : Korea
Diameter : 14.80 mm
Water Content : 50 %
Life Span : 12 months

It comes in a bottle for each lens. As a first time softens user, I'm kinda confused about how to open the bottle because its seal is really hard to open with empty hand. So, I decided to open it with scissor (yes, scissor) because I'm lazy to get pliers (´~`)

This is how the lenses look from the bottom of the bottle. It has a nice pattern and I just can't wait to see them on my eyes (>o<) But, in fact, I need times to learn how to use circle lenses (´・ω・`) It's not as easy as I look my friends wearing their lenses. I need about 15 minutes to put each lens on my eyes HAHAHA. As the time passes, I'm sure I can put my lenses faster (^∇^)

My eyes without circle lenses

My eye without circle lenses

My iris is brown coloured and it isn't big enough. It doesn't look like a doll eye without any help from makeup and also a help from circle lenses. I used to feel there's something less in my eye makeup before I wear circle lenses (´^`)

Half eye wearing circle lens

My eye with circle lens

Kyaaaaaa~ ヾ(^∇^)
My eye really look kawaii with circle lens on it (*≧▽≦)

Diva Soul really has a nice pattern and it makes my eye looks bigger and more dolly look.
It's not too comfort to wear this lenses for a long time. I feel my eyes are dry after 4 hours usage and need to use eye drops.

Both eyes with circle lenses


Just look at the comparison, this circle lens really make a huge different on my eyes.
My real eyes have small diameter of iris and with Diva Soul, my iris looks bigger. Though, its diameter is just 14mm, but it already make my eyes bigger.

If you are interested with this circle lenses, you can buy them at MyGeoLens Shop in the section of Diva Softlens Soul. Price? IDR 52.500,- for each bottle. It's an affordable price, right?(^∀^)

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Nia Christy said...

Wow~ Nice colour~ Love this circle lens^^ Nice review