Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MAKARIZO Hair Texture Experience Green Tea Butter

Hello again (⌒∇⌒)ノ!
It's been a (quite) long time since my last posting (。-人-。) gomen nasai~ 
I was so into "holiday mood" so I'm kinda forget about my blog.

This time, I'm gonna review about MAKARIZO Hair Texture Experience Green Tea Butter. I got this product from MAKARIZO HFF 2013Actually, the main fragrance is the black chocolate one, but somehow I decided to buy this green tea butter instead. I like the fragrance of this product when I smelled the tester, it's soooo green tea and really calming ( ´ ▽ ` )

The packaging looks like a salon professional's item. Indeed, because this one is categorized in MAKARIZO professional line. Moreover, MAKARIZO also have customer line, such Hair Repair & Hair Recovery and T1.

MAKARIZO Hair Texture Experience Green Tea Butter contains antioxidant to maintain hair vitality and natural hair luster. The unique green tea fragrance also give calming and relax effect. The fragrance isn't too strong, it's just perfect. Use this product with proper hair massage technique (read it here), so you can get the feeling of total relax and refresh.

You can read the instruction how to use and ingredients in the photo above. The text is also written in Bahasa (as you can see in the previous photo above).
It's so nice to have a product that gives a brief information about the product in both Bahasa and English (*^▽^)

The cover is in green color which represent green tea (in my opinion) hehe (>ω<*)

This is how to open the cover. All you need is just rotate the cover until it opened. Somehow I feel it's a bit hard to open the cover. The cover is dragging so I need a little more power to open it.

At the first time I opened the product, it still sealed. So, make sure the seal isn't broken if you bought this product (*^-^*)

This is how it looks after I unseal the product. As you can see, the hole is quite small.
When the content is full it's easy to take the product out with my fingers, but when the content is already half full, I had a little trouble to take the product out with my (big) fingers. It's hard to dip my fingers into such a small hole (´・ω・`)

The cream is also in soft green color. But in fact, it doesn't look green on my hair while applying.
The texture is soft and thick. The amount of usage is depend on you (read : hair length and volume), but I always apply generous amount of this product onto my hair HAHA. Because I got damaged hair after coloring my hair (read the story here) and I'm running out of MAKARIZO Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract, so I hope with use it in generous amount would help my hair to recover faster (^∇^)

The cream has many green tiny beads (I don't know how to call it). It isn't burst when I massage it onto the hair or my palm, but with a little more power it wrecked. I think that green tiny beads is such a scrub, but I don't get the detail about what exactly those green tiny beads are. But to be honest, they look cute :p

After using this product for four times, I don't feel something really different with my hair. But, right after I use this product and dry my hair, I feel that my hair becomes softer and smells so good. The green tea fragrance doesn't last for such a long time. The fragrance stays for about a day on my hair.

So, if you looking up for a hair creambath product which can make you feel relax and have calming effect due to its fragrance, this one could be your choice (*≧▽≦)

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