Saturday, August 3, 2013

SkinLIFE Lotion

I was subscribed to get products from Cow Brand Indonesia through Indonesia Beauty Blogger for review purpose. And in a week ago, I got a package from Cow Brand Indonesia (*^▽^)
COW BRAND is a Japanese company that has been present for more than 100 years, with the vision to realize the quality of daily life better and comfortable. Inspired STYLE COW special motto, "Life with Cow Brand Soap", Cow brand is now present to accompany you to the Japanese products are easy to use, safe, high quality and with raw materials, aroma and texture of the original Japanese tastes.

The package consists of two products from SkinLIFE line ; SkinLIFE foaming facial wash and SkinLIFE lotion. SkinLIFE line products claim can help to reduce acne and maintain skin moisture. In this post, I will review about SkinLIFE Lotion.

It comes in a bottle with flipped up cover. The bottle itself is transparent so we can see the contents, this is a plus point since it will make us easier to notice if the product is running low.

Though this product's origin is from Japan, Cow Brand Indonesia attaches a sticker with brief information in Bahasa on the back of the bottle. It gives explanation about how to use, warning, ingredients and expired date in Bahasa. For me, this is the plus point, since it makes the Indonesian customer easier to understand the product.

It came with a plastic seal, so if you gonna buy this product, make sure the seal isn't broken.

Different from SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Wash - which the sticker with product description in Bahasa  attached on the back of the bottle - in this product, the sticker is attached on the plastic seal. So, after uncover the seal, we can see the product description in its origin language, Japan.

In case you know how to read Japanese language and want to read the product's description in its origin language, I already took a photo of it (^∇^)

The bottle size is quite tall, so I can't say it's a travel-friendly since it will take a (quite) lot of space in a travelling bag. But, you can move some amounts to a smaller container and problem solved (^∇^)

The cover is easily to flipped up, but make sure you shut the cover tightly after open it.

The product is clear water. Its function is similiar with toner. Just pour some amount to a cotton pad and wipe your face with it. Use the lotion after washing your face with SkinLIFE foaming facial wash.

For me, the product doesn't smell good. It smells like alcohol - too strong. However, it gives a refresh feeling after usage. And about the claim that the product can help to reduce acne, well, honestly I can't give a proof about it since I didn't have acnes on my face. But it doesn't give me a break out after using the product for exactly a week.

After 2 weeks (almost 3), I still don't experience any breakout. But, due to my menstruation period, one or more small acne(s) suddenly popping. Though I still using this product, it doesn't prevent my face from any hormonal acnes. And about my skin condition, which is dry, this product doesn't make my face feeling more dry. And somehow my nose is now adapted with the strong alcohol smell.

Cow Brand Indonesia also enclose a brochure about their products line. In the brochure is written brief descriptions about all Cow Brand Indonesia's products line.

Where you can buy this product?
Guardian, GrandLucky, PAPAYA, Yoga

Where you can buy this product?
Guardian, GrandLucky, PAPAYA, Yoga

How much it costs?
It's around IDR 50.000
(the price may differ in each outlets)


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