Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bouncia Body Soap

Do you adore Japanese? Or do you love Japan's products?
Then you should check this one out.

This liquid soap is made by Cow Brand, one of the famous brand in Japan.
One variant of Cow Brand soap bar even showed in one of the Chibi Maruko Chan anime!

The packaging is made by a plastic that common used by any liquid soap in the market. The design quite simple and seems luxurious with that bouncy foam in front of a blue background with some sparkle ornament. Its brand, Bouncia is printed on the front of the packaging with a logo of Cow Brand.

On the back of the bottle,  you can find a sticker attached on it. It's a translation of any details about the product in Bahasa.

The detail of the sticker consists of a short explanation about the product, how to use, caution, ingredients, POM number and expired date. I think this sticker is very informative since I can't read the Japanese language (*/////∇/////*)

After I peel of the sticker, there's a detail written in Japanese language with an illustration how to open the bottle.

Turn the nozzle to the left and you'll see that the nozzle popped up. Now you can pump some amounts of the liquid soap onto your palm.

The detail of the nozzle pump.

The texture of the liquid soap is quite watery compared with any other liquid soap that sold in the market. The liquid soap comes in white colour which really looks like a real milk. It has fresh fragrance and it's quite strong. I can still smell the fragrance a few hours after I take bath. I really like the fragrance.

Surprisingly, this soap gives me much foams in one pump. You can use either a loofah (shower puff) or foam net to make these foams. You can still get much foams even without any tools, but not as much as if you used those tools.

The texture of the foam itself is super soft and bouncy. If you love to play with bubbles, foams, water and anything related with your childhood bath time, then you'll love this liquid soap.

With fresh fragrance and bouncy foams, you'll get extra satisfaction while bathing ♪ ヘ(^o^ヘ)(ノ^o^)ノ ♪

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