Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sneak Peak Makarizo HOT ICE Mineral Oil

Hello again, Makarizo!

I know most of you, especially my Indonesian readers already know about this brand. Yap, Makarizo is one of the famous brand for hair care & treatment.

What's new about Makarizo??
Makarizo has released their newest product, which is HOT ICE Mineral Oil.
Makarizo HOT ICE Mineral Oil is a specific treatment for coloured hair. This product is under MK3 line, which is one of Makarizo Professional Line. Contains mineral oil, HOT ICE serum will repair brittle hair shaft which have experienced hair colouring process. It will also increase the intensity of hair colour, making the colouring hair becomes more healthy, soft and shiny.
It sounds such a great deal in mini size, right?

The HOT version

And since I have coloured hair (which is my first time hair colouring process was done by Makarizo team - read : here), I think I should give it a try. Because finding a right treatment for coloured hair is as hard as finding a needle in a rick.

So many saloons has a bunch of treatments for damaged hair, rebonding hair, curly hair, but for coloured hair they only have some, such as hair mask and creambath. None of them are a specific treatment for coloured hair. So, I'm feeling lucky to get a chance to try this HOT ICE Mineral Oil which specifically made for coloured hair.

I hope by using this unique hair serum (which determined by its name, HOT ICE) could make my hair become more healthy and intensify my caramel brown hair colour (*≧▽≦) Give me a time to try it and I'll show you the result on my next post (o*・ω・)ノ

The ICE Version

Pssttt... I'll reveal a magic that this hair serum can do. Store it in a refrigerator for a while and voila.. The HOT ones become the ICE ones.

Wanna know one more magic that this serum can do??
So stay tune for my next post xDD

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Ileana said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see the next post showing what it does :)