Sunday, October 20, 2013

t1 Essence Recovery

Do you have damaged / coloured hair? Or your hair has been through other chemical process?
Are you looking for a hair vitamin essence that can recover your hair condition and makes it become more healthy in a simple way?

Then you might looking for this t1 Intesive Essence Recovery.

Packing in an orange hard plastic bottle , it gives a fresh feeling when I see it. In the name of hygiene, the spray itself is covered with a plastic cap.

On the back of the bottle you can find a short information about the product, direction (how to use) and ingredients.

All information on the back of the bottle is written in English. But don't worry, MAKARIZO gives the details in Bahasa too. They even add information about the main ingredients, which is Hydrolized Silk Protein and Multi Vitamin.

Hydrolized Silk Protein is a nutrition to recover your dry and damaged hair. Meanwhile, the vitamins will maintain the natural hair strength and protect the hair from damage.

The nozzle spray is good even it's made from plastic :)

The product actually is water based. It also have fresh floral fragrance.
I usually use it after bathing. I spray some amounts of t1 Essence Recovery onto my hair and even the product with my hand. Then I blow my hair (yep, I like to use hair dryer almost every day). And by using this product, my hair smells so good and also looks more healthy.

Somehow it makes my coloured hair looks brighter under the light and I really like this effect.
Besides, I suppa like the fragrance :)

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