Friday, November 1, 2013

Makarizo HOT ICE

Makarizo has released their newest product, which is HOT ICE Mineral Oil.
Makarizo HOT ICE Mineral Oil is a specific treatment for coloured hair.

This product is under MK3 line, which is one of Makarizo Professional Line. Contains mineral oil, HOT ICE serum will repair brittle hair shaft which have experienced hair colouring process. It will also increase the intensity of hair colour, making the colouring hair becomes more healthy, soft and shiny.

The HOT ICE Mineral Oil is packed in a glass ampule. The brand and product name are printed in white colour on the packaging.

Behind the product's name, you can find the expired date and retail price.
Makarizo HOT ICE Mineral Oil costs IDR 21.000 for each ampule. You can buy it only at Makarizo Saloons.

How to use

First of all, make sure your hair is half wet. You can wash your hair first then dry your hair with towel and after that you can use this Mineral Oil.
  1. Store HOT ICE Mineral Oil in a refrigerator on simply dip it into a bowl of water and ice cubes
  2. Wait for about 2 - 5 minutes
  3. See the magic... The liquid HOT ICE Mineral Oil is freezing now (shown in the photo above)
  4. Roll the HOT ICE Mineral Oil on your palm until it started feel hot or melt
  5. Cracked the ampule
  6. Dived your hair into sections and pour the HOT ICE Mineral Oil on  your hair
  7. To make the serum absorbs well on your hair, pat your hair and even up the serum until your hair tip
  8. Leave it for a moment then rinse your hair with water
  9. Dry your hair with hair dryer or you can just wait until your hair dry naturally
Don't get the point of my explanation above?
Simple, just watch my video about how to use Makarizo HOT ICE Mineral Oil below.
(don't worry my Indonesian readers, I made the video in Bahasa so you'll find it easy to understand)


After using the Makarizo HOT ICE Mineral Oil, suddenly my coloured hair seems brighter and the colour looks more vibrant. My hair also feel so smooth with nice fragrance. The fragrance can last until the next day.

FYI, after application, my hair feels a bit sticky but after rinse and dry it with hair dryer it doesn't feel sticky anymore. Instead, it feels so smooth and tangle-free. 

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