Sunday, March 9, 2014

Natural Glow MakeUp Tutorial

Hello kawaii friends ヾ(^∇^)
Are you interested to join an awesome makeup challenge?
This month IBB held a special makeup challenge featuring Menard Indonesia.
Prizes worth IDR 2.3 mio for each person! WOW! (o⌒∇⌒o)

To join this makeup challenge, you have to create a natural glow makeup.
In case you don't have any idea about the makeup theme, I will help you by giving a makeup tutorial.

First thing first before doing makeup, I clean my face and use skincare.
A good skincare can help you achieve healthy and flawless skin (even with less makeup).

Nowadays, I'm using double cleanser and skincare from Menard.
I usually clean my face with Tsukika double cleansing and Beanuess S.

With Tsukika double cleansing routine, my face looks brighter and even smoother.
No more clog pores because with Tsukika cleansing, the dirts that left in the pores can be remove thoroughly. And Tsukika washing makes my skin smoother and I love its foamy texture (♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)

After that, I apply Beanuess S with a cotton pad.
I'm freaking love this product. It gives cooling sensation when applied.
Not to mention that Shota Matsuda is starring Beanuess's ad too!
Kyaaaaaaaa~~~! (。→∀←。) He is my favorite Japanese actor! I'm freaking love his acting in Liar Game, Don Quixote, Hard Romantic-er, and Afro Tanaka. But, uh no I love all his doramas and movies!
*start fan girling LOL*

Beanuess S will protect your skin from free radical particle.
It will soothing and refresh your face.

After finishing cleansing routine, I usually put skincare.
I'm using Menard Lisciare at this moment.
Lisciare has a soft floral scent (which I like it so much) and it does moisturize my skin very well.
No more dry skin! Yay!

Lisicare cream can also be makeup base.
It moisturized my face and does a great job as makeup base.

Now let's talk about the makeup!
I use those 3 main products to achieve natural glow look.

Tsukika Liquid Foundation and Tsukika Powder Foundation do great job to conceal my imperfection.
Tsukika Liquid Foundation gives me glowing finish and Tsukika Powder Foundation gives me semi-matte finish. Though, I say it's semi-matte finish, but after one hour, it blends with sebum on my face and gives me glowing look.

The staying power is good. I use it about 10 hours and I only touch up with the powder one time.
It doesn't make my face feels more dry (basically I have dry skin).

Both Tsukika Liquid Foundation and Tsukika Powder Foundation have SPF 24 and PA ++ which can protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Worry nothing in outdoor activity (^_<)

About the one touch lipstick, it gives me glossy finish and doesn't make my lips dry.
It has sheer colour and it looks natural once it applied on my lips.

Natural glow look basically focus on your face.
A simple eye makeup will help to boost your total appearance, but give more attention to your face complexion.

And this is me before and after makeup with Tsukika makeup products!
Without makeup my face is so meh (ノД`)
My face looks dull and with dark circle and redness. No glowing at all.

After makeup using Tsukika Liquid Foundation and Tsukika Powder Foundation, I can achieve flawless and glowing skin. I took this photo one hour after makeup, waiting the foundation and powder blend with my sebum to create natural glowing skin.

I have one tips for you, don't forget to use your moisturizer (or any other skincare, such as lotion, milk lotion, cream, etc) before you doing your makeup.

Your skincare will help a lot.
And remember because this is a natural look, don't put too much makeup on your face.
Keep it simple, keep it glowing 

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