Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Palty Hard Bleach Gold Brown

Hello kawaii friends! ヾ(^∇^)
It's been a long time since the last time I dye my hair. After Hair MakeOver by Makarizo, I dyed my hair for once. But it was few months ago (ノД`)
Now my black hair has already come back.
My bang is already black and it's time to dye my hair again.

This time I want to have light brown hair coloured.
And I know I have to bleach my hair first to get the colour I wanted.
I decided to bleach my hair by my self. So, I bought one box of Palty Hard Bleach in Gold Brown.

To be honest, I fall for Palty's packaging box.
Don't you think the packaging is so pretty? Agree?

On the back box you can see the colour chart.

You can get two result based on your first hair colour and how long you leave the bleach on your hair.

Virgin Hair / Black Hair
15 minutes : dark brown
30 minutes : medium light brown

Brown Hair
15 minutes : light brown
30 minutes : gold brown / blonde

You can leave the bleach on your hair for maximum 40 minutes then rinse it.
Longer than 40 minutes will cause hair damage.

On one side of the box, you can see the items you get in the package and some explanation in Japan.

On the top of the box, you can see the Gold Brown hair coloured.
I expected to get this colour after using this hair bleach.

On the package, you'll get 6 items. They are :

1. Conditioner
2. Solution 1 (tube)
3. Solution 2 (bottle)
4. Instruction sheet & gloves
5. Bleach Powder (sachet)
6. Bottle Cap (with brush)

Now I'll show you how to bleach your hair using Palty Hard Bleach.
It's easy, even for beginner! (^o^)/

Step 1
Cut the Bleach Powder sachet. Be careful while cutting or the powder will pour out and messed up.

Step 2
Pour the Bleach Powder into Solution 2 bottle. 

Step 3
Shake the bottle upside down, until the solution mixed well.
ps : sorry for the bad quality GIF image

Step 4
Puncture the Solution 1's seal with its cap.

Step 5
Press the tube of Solution 1 from the upper end and pour it into Solution 2 (which already mixed with Bleach Powder).

Step 6
Shake the bottle upside down, until the solution mixed well.
The solution will become thick and turns to white colour after well mixed.
ps : sorry for the bad quality GIF image

Last Step
Change the bottle cap with the one with brush-head.
Now, you're ready to bleach your hair!

Tips :
Divide your hair into several sections to make you easier bleaching your hair.

I don't suggest to bleach your hair from your hair root first.
I ended up with hot root after bleaching my hair from my hair root. I think because I have black hair root (but brown hair from hair shaft to hair tip), I should bleach it first then the shaft and hair tip, but I was wrong.

Wear your ugliest t-shirt or cape. This bleach will stain your t-shirt for sure.

Don't leave the bleach more than 40 minutes on your hair. Rinse your hair without shampoo and don't forget to apply conditioner (it's included in the box).

If you want to colouring your hair after bleaching, I suggest to wait after several days (about 5 days - 2 weeks) to prevent hair damage. But if you think your hair will be okay, then you can dye your hair on the same day.

Deep conditioning is needed after hair bleaching. Some people will experience dry hair after bleaching process, that's why you shouldn't forget to use hair conditioner.

The bleach doesn't smell so good. It has strong chemical scent and I don't really like it.
But I made it though, and my nose survive for about 50 minutes (10 minutes applying + 40 minutes resting).

I experienced itch on my scalp and my neck when applying the bleach.
I don't know why, but I'm not allergic to its ingredients (though I didn't do allergic test, but I'm sure I'm not allergic). But the itch gone after I rinse my hair.

Well, I know. The result is kinda look orange-ish instead of golden brown.
My previous hair is dark brown coloured and I left the bleach on my hair for 40 minutes.
To be honest, I thought the result will be lighter than this (;´∩`;)

And yes, my hair becomes dry after bleaching, even after I use the conditioner.
So I decided to wait few days more before I dye my hair and do deep conditioning.
I also use hair vitamin oil to help recover my hair.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the result, though the colour is not like what I expected.
But after this one, I prefer to do hair bleaching at hair saloon (@⌒ー⌒@)
Because when I bleach my hair by my self, you can see that the result is uneven (ノ∀\*)

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