Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tsukika One Touch Lipstick

I can't say enough for lipsticks ❤
And recently I just added a new one to my vanity.
This one is really really different because it has unique packaging.

The lipstick is packed inside a broken white carton box.

On the back of the box, you can find the ingredients of this product.

The main ingredients of this one touch lipstick are :
Epiphyllum Oxpetalum Flower Extract (Night-Blooming Cereus flowers Extract)
Hyaluronic Acid 
Juicy Rich Oil 

This is the photo of Night-Blooming Cereus flower.
Night-Blooming Cereus flower extract is a skincare ingredient, which is also found in makeup product.
Menard put this flower extract into their Tsukika makeup ingredient as well as their skincare.
Tsukika one touch lipstick contains Night-Blooming Cereus flower extract as the main ingredient.
It's a rare Japanese flower proven to make the lips looks moist and supple.

When you apply the lipstick on your lip, the Juicy Rich Oil will melt with the temparature of the lip. Juicy Rich Oil will moisturize your lip and give the impression that your lip is covered with water.

One touch lipstick has 8 shades, divided into 2 categories.
I got mine in 23F, one of colour type lipstick.

Colour Type
It has crisp and bright colour.

Sheer Type
Featuring a high degree of clearness and skin fitness.

Packed in a carton box plus a small plastic bag, Menard sure gives double protection to the product.

The packaging is so simple with shimmering white colour all over it.

On the bottom part of the lipstick, you can find the shade information.

So this is the unique part from this lipstick...

Instead of having a cap like mostly lipsticks have, this one has a slider to open and close the lipstick.

Slide the slider down to open the lipstick cap and make the lipstick comes out.
Slide it up to close the cap.

Provide the lips with a fresh finish as if the lips are covered with water
The lips can maintain a moist finish all day long
This lipstick also can protect your lips from UV rays with SPF 10 and PA+

SPF will give you protection from UVB rays.
1SPF represents 20 minutes. SPF 10 means it will protect skin for 3.5 hours.

PA will give you protection from UVA rays.
The more the + (positive) on the PA, the better the protection against UVA.

This lipstick has a sheer pretty colour. As for me, I like it.
It gives natural look once it applied on my lips.

Once I eat or drink something, the lipstick will fade a bit.
This is not a bad thing though, because the longer lipstick can stay on your lips, it tends to make your lips more dry. Women in Japan prefer this kind of lipstick, even though
 they must re-apply their lipstick more often.

This lipstick gives glossy finish and shiny (it's like there are micro shimmering pearls on my lips).
Thanks to Juicy Rich Oil which gives shine and impression that my lips are covered with water.

Overall I love this lipstick. It glides smoothly on my lips (even without using lip blam before).
I also like the packaging which has slider instead of lipstick's cap. It makes faster and easier to use and I have no worry to loosing a lipstick's cap.

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