Monday, June 23, 2014

Princess Butik : Taiwan High Quality Wig Product Review

Most of beauty bloggers that I know are now prefer to using wig for their blog photos.
I do have one wig, the brightele one, but it's kinda lolita wig with attachable twin tails.

I prefer to have a "normal" one for blog photos purpose, but I never had a chance to actually buy it.
But thank you to BBlog and Princess Butik for sending me this Kinkee Wig.
I pick a normal style one since I already have an abnormal hair :p
read about my pink hair story here

This is my choice as I want a short hair in shoulder length with brown colour.
I pick this wig model in coffee brown colour.
FYI the colour I picked is not the same like on the picture.

The wig itself is packed in the pink Kinkee bag (as you can see on the first photo).

And this is the package I got.
I get a lace hair pin as a bonus and also a hair net.
FYI, for every purchase of wig in Princess Butik, you can get a free bonus (bonus may vary depend on stock) and free hair net.

This wigh is made from kanekalon fiber.
It is as soft as real human hair.

This is inside the "head" of the wig.
It has two hooks in the left and right of the cap.
You can hook them up to tighten your wig while you wearing it.

It has no scalp so if you see the wig from above, it will look like a fake hair (absolutely).

I got a free hair net!
It's black and it's strong! Seriously, it won't break easily when you wearing it.
Thank  you Princess Butik for giving me such a good quality hair net :)

And this is me wearing the wig.
See? It looks like real hair, except for the "shiny thing".
Kinkee wig will look a bit more shiny than human hair. That is the only difference between this wig and my real hair.

When I wear the wig, my head feels a bit hot.
But it's okay since I don't wear this wig for such a long time.

Overall this wig is a good wig with an affordable price.
So, if you looking for a wig for your blog photos purpose, you can choose this wig.
Kinkee has a numerous wig style for you to choose based on your needs.

Bina Blog Indonesia (BBlog)

Princess Butik

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