Kawaii Fuku comes from Japanese language, means lucky cute.
For your info, I am not a Japanese nor capable to speak Japanese language.
I just think it is such a cute phrase so I use it as my blog name.

My name is Neni Diyanti or 许雪花 (Khó Xuě huā) as my Chinese name. I am not a professional make up artist, but I love make up and beauty stuffs. I am neither tall nor beautiful, but I am trying to accept all of my strengths and weaknesses. No body is perfect, agree?

 I am now working as a junior doctor, but not yet financially independent. I work as co-assistant of counselor doctor(s) in medical departments to complete my study program in order to become a GP. It consumes a lot of my time, but now I am trying to get back to blogging.

 I started blogging to write and sharing about something I love, which is make up and beauty stuffs. By being a blogger, I realize that I learn a lot ; more than learning about new make up technique or the latest make up trend. I am now capable of doing photography, writing, and simple coding.

My make up style is mostly influenced by Japanese make up. I adore the way Japanese people play with make up. They can make either kawaii look, hangover look, or even cosplay make up. On the top of all, I am amazed with the way Japanese girls make their eyes bigger with only make up - no surgery at all.

I write mostly about beauty and related things, but now I am challenging my self to write about some other topics. Besides having interest in make up, I am also addicted to online game. I started to play online game since I was 12 years old. I won't entitled my self as a gamer girl because I don't play many games at once. But I have ever tried many games until today. So this question pop up in my mind : why don't I start to share about my gaming experience?

Besides that, I'd love to share about my school experience too. There are many people asking me about my experience being a medical student, the cost, difficulties, and its process. I think it's a great idea to share about my struggle in medical school, and it might help those who want to be a medical student.